Chapter 1: Tour Of Tribal Accommodations & Tribal Council

Sul Sul! Welcome to I’m A Survivor Challenge. I know…I know…you were expecting maybe Jeff Probst to be the host. Well, technically, he IS the host of Survivor, but this is a spin-off, so….the producers have decided to conduct a SimWorld Search for a suitable host or hostess for the show…and…my name just naturally came up.

tour of your new home survivor red


You may not know me, but I go by the name of Gilligan. I am more than qualified for this role, because you see, I, myself, was a castaway for fifteen long years. A survivor, like yourselves. That’s right…it all started with a 3-hour boat tour that The Skipper arranged for a group of tourists, and well, a BIG storm came up and we crashed on an unchartered desert island. I was the first mate on the ship, and our passengers included a billionaire and his wife, a movie star, a professor, and a farm girl named Mary Ann.

survivor red lot arrival

So, I am here today to tell you, that you, too, can survive. It will be tough, and you will be living outdoors in primitive conditions, with no luxuries, no power, and…gulp…no video games! And everyday you will be tested in your skills or lack of skills and have to live with other survivors who may smell bad, be surly or in a bad mood, and may not want to be your friend. But, I, Gilligan Survivor, know that YOU can do it! I mean, come on, how often do you get a chance at winning a million simoleons. Right? What? Motherlode? Oh…no…there is no cheating allowed here!

lot in all its flory

Now, we are here at the Gnome Tribe’s Campsite, also known as the Red Tribe for a little tour. And let me tell you, when the producers told me that you would be living in primitive conditions, they were wrong. This place is a Hilton!

only the latest technologty

There are two parts to your campsite. The challenge area, which we are in now, and the actual campsite. The challenge area is an open sandy area with all the latest eco-technology hard at work for you, like a rain collector, a wind turbine and a solar panel. And, sorry, no, your phone won’t work here because you will be living off-the-grid. This area is where the producers will conduct all the challenges that the survivors will have to face.

the firepit

And through the gate we come into the actual campsite where you will be living with the other survivors. And look at that, you already have a campfire for all your cooking needs.

caution is advised when lighting

Let’s light that…oooowww!  *Fans arm quickly* Okay, that was a “burning” start, but at least we know the campfire works.

ok its out that wouldnt be too good to be replaced withint the first 5 mins of the show

That would have been pretty terrible if this was the end of my first stint as a reality-tv host. Right?  Um…right? Okay, moving along.

perfect and toaty

So, now that we have a nice campfire burning, you might ask…what’s the food like here? Well, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited supply of hotdogs, tofu dogs and marshmallows. Yes…and there are s’more fixings, too! Can you believe it? And if you’re lucky and catch a fish, you can roast that on the campfire, too. What? You don’t like that food? You want to bar-b-q some steak? You want a grill? Do you know what would happen if they gave you a grill with no cooking skills? Sheesh!

And if you don’t want to eat your food right in front of the campfire, there is a nice covered dining shelter.

A view of the front right. The garbage area and…um…facilities bush. Yes, this is nature…and when in nature…yeah…

the big garbage

The back of the campsite with the beautiful pond and waterfall. The camp totem, which is unique to each tribe, and there is even a soccer ball, so you can work on your fitness skills.

You can even kick a soccer ball to another tribe member and that helps with your friendship, too. But sometimes it doesn’t, especially if you accidentally kick the soccer ball at them in their face…or other places. Ouch! Yeah, they might just get a festering grudge sentiment from that event.

What are those blue shapes behind me? Oh…yeah…I forgot to mention, that your tribe might be visited by other-worldly beings…and um…other things can happen at your campsite. I mean, the campsite is on a fault line, so yeah…some minor tremors might be experienced, nothing to worry about…and there is a volcano nearby, but…that hardly ever erupts…and…well, things can get kind of dirty here…a lot….so the food might not agree with your stomach. So, yeah, just a few things. But, you’re a survivor, and you will be fine! Right? 

wild times with soccer juggling

To the left is the horseshoe pit and laundry area. [Note: This “fake” laundry area will be replaced with an actual laundry area during one of the Immunity challenges. Survivors will then be able to do laundry and wear clean clothes.]

Near the pond is a bucket of water balloons to have some fun having a water balloon fight with your tribe. For those survivors who get a little too “hot headed” during their stay, they can always air their grievances with Skelly. And beside Skelly is a wonderful open-air shower. I also understand that somewhere at this campsite is a hidden immunity idol. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s like a lucky item that you can find and it grants you immunity from being voted off by your other tribe members. [See notes below.]

another lovely bush a shower and a fun bucket to play water baloons

There is an open-air room beside Skelly which is locked. This room serves as both a Reward room and an Exile Room. This is where a sim might have to go for one night if they have done the worst in a Group Immunity Challenge. They will be locked in the room. This is not where you want to go because you won’t be able to build any friendships or alliances with other survivors or build any skills.

Or, this might be where one survivor goes who has won a Reward Challenge, and gets to enjoy the reward here. Maybe they will enjoy the night in a real bed, or eat a feast prepared by a world renowned chef. The door will be open only for that sim, who is free to come and go as they please.

exile hut

The pond offers some activities. One is to collect water.

yu can get water from here but thats it

And the other is to fish.

do some relaxing fishing

For those survivors who want a little privacy for showers and nature’s needs, there are the latrines. However, from the looks of it, they are quite buggy.

not too happy here

Just outside the latrines is the ping pong table, where tribe members can challenge each other to a friendly game of ping pong. And at the end of the night, what better place to sleep than under the stars by the campfire?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next, we head over to the Tribal Council Area. This is the area where your tribe will come once a week to vote off another tribe member. Of course, if you have the hidden immunity idol, you are safe. [Note: Voting is based on (1) relationship status (2) challenge results (3) votes by sim creators.  In the event of a tie, the votes of the sim creators will be added in.]

the tribal council lot

When the fire is lit, the Tribal Council commences.

thi is tribal council

tribal flame

right side of the build

The Tribal Council is actually at an old ship wreck.

where you rsim will await their fate

This is where you will sit and wait your turn to vote and to wait for the decision from the tribe on whether you will be staying another week…or not.

private voting area

Hidden from view from the other tribe members is the voting area. You will write your vote on a slip of paper and drop it into a locked box. After the votes are tallied, and the one survivor leaves, we will find out how each sim voted.

some privacy to vite

we are at the top where the voting will take place

And that concludes the tour. I hope you are as excited as I am to start your adventures on I’m A Survivor Challenge. And remember…Outwit, Outplay, Outlast! Good luck to you all! This is Gilligan signing out!

Now…how did I get up here? Help! Someone took the stairs away… hello… can someone help me down from here…oh wait…is that Bella Goth? THE Bella Goth? Dang! She looks hot!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Jeff Probst is the host of the reality-tv show, Survivor. This show has been on the air since 2000. I am not a diehard Survivor fan and only watched the first two seasons, but will be using quotes from the show, like “The tribe has spoken.”

Gilligan Survivor is a sim I created (not yet on the gallery), loosely based on Willy Gilligan from the Gilligan’s Island show from the ’60s. On the show, Gilligan is a rather lovable, good-natured, clumsy, bumbling character, who ends up creating more chaos than helping the castaways.

Hidden Immunity Idol: The first person in each tribe to find the immunity idol might not be the one who retains immunity at Tribal Council. The hidden immunity idol is a lump of clay and could be set down and picked up by another tribal member. So, you just never know who might have the immunity idol when the tribe has to go to Tribal Council. The sim who has the hidden immunity idol at Tribal Council cannot be voted off.


The Tribal Lot was built by me.  I have not put it on the gallery as yet. Tribes are: Gnome Tribe (Red Tribe), Llama Tribe (Blue Tribe) and the Freezer Bunny Tribe (Yellow Tribe).  For photo purposes, because it was a cloudy day, I placed the lot in Oasis Springs, just to get some sunlit photos. The actual lots will be in Newcrest. The season is set to Summer. When the tribes merge into one tribe, they will move to a new lot in Sulani.

Thanks to these simmers for their wonderful builds. Available for download in the gallery. No cc. The only thing added to the first lot was the voting area, and the seats were fixed as you couldn’t sit on them.

tribal council photo credit


The ping pong table idea is an item in this build, and I used the idea in my build. I thought it was quite original using the debug crates.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Tour Of Tribal Accommodations & Tribal Council

      1. I have been contemplating his dream Girl Scout! I don’t know whether I should go with a vivacious ginger who just happens to be a Girl Scout or a studious Marianne will also be a Girl Scout or do I just go wacky with an odd girl for him. Not necessarily love interest but For fun and adventure. Any of the three could have interesting storylines they connect with him

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      2. Oooh I love them all…I think that Gilligan actually liked Mary Ann the best lol I love a Girl Scout idea…she could bring a box of Girl Scout cookies with her on Survival to win over her fellow survivors so they don’t vote her off. lol

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